• GitHub Student Pack - A free resource pack from GitHub
  • Figma - A UI Mock up tool that work on Web, Mac, or Windows
  • ngrok - A reverse tunnel. Run a server locally in any language and give it a public domain. Great for testing and demoing
  • BrowserSync - Time synced browser testing. Useful when sharing a design to teammates and on multiple devices. Usually used with gulp or grunt
  • Alexa Skills Kit - Voice enable any app or service with Amazon Alexa
  • Flux - Save your eyes from blue light eye strain.
  • Origami (mac) - A free tool from Facebook for designing modern interfaces and interactions
  • Vagrant - Create and configure reproducible, portable, lightweight development environments
  • Studio 3T - A GUI to make navigating MongoDB quicker and easier


  • Code Pen - An HTML/CSS/JavaScript code editor in your browser with instant previews and tons of snippets and inspiration.
  • Cody House  - A free library of HTLML, CSS, and JS nuggets with tutorials.
  • Hover - A CSS3 Animation hover effects library.
  • Start Bootstrap - Free Bootstrap starter templates for different types of sites.
  • Boot Snipp - Free Bootstrap code snippets for design elements.


  • Graphic Burger - An array of design resources such as mockups, UI kits, icons, backgrounds, etc.
  • 100 Days of Fonts - A great place to find beautiful combinations and usages of Google Fonts and color schemes.
  • Pttrns - Same as Pattern Tap, but for mobile design patterns. (iOS and Android)
  • UX Archive - Can't figure out the best user flow for your mobile hack? UX Archive lists just about every flow or user task from the best apps.
  • Stock Photos That Don't Suck - An ongoing list of the best stock photo sites.
  • User Inter Faces - A database of profile pictures for mockups and demos.


  • Font Awesome - Font and CSS toolkit with 675 icons to use in your designs.
  • The Noun Project - Thousands of amazing, detailed icons useful for your hacks.
  • Icon Monstr - Icon sets for just about anything.