Empowering & Celebrating Women at the College of Computing

Throughout time, women have been using their ingenuity and tenacity to vie for visibility and equity, especially in areas where STEM is concerned. The challenge is simple: Design and build technology or solutions that address gender disparities and encourage female empowerment in the following areas: education, healthcare, sports, the workforce/business sector.  Open to all womxn-identifying students at the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

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Best in Education - sponsored by Microsoft

Education is the key to a lifetime of learning. Recent strides have been made to ensure gender parity within the education sector, however there are still many challenges and stigmas that prevail. The challenge is simple: design solutions or products to address gaps in educational resources, community education, career advancement, or pathways to access for all age groups and socio-economic backgrounds. Prize: TBA

Best in Healthcare - sponsored by Kimberly-Clark

Many societal gender norms and life experiences limit access to necessary healthcare resources. Gender and racial biases also contribute to some health concerns being trivialized. Mitigating the lack of representation of women in medical research and normalizing issues facing women’s health could revolutionize of the way we utilize medical technology. The challenge is simple: design solutions or products to assist in overcoming the challenges in female healthcare. Consider reproductive health, hygiene, wellness tracking, fitness engagement, childcare/eldercare, communications with physicians, or other ideas as you consider girls and women in your communities. Prize value: TBA

Best in Sports - sponsored by Warner Media

The histories of women in computing and women in sports often parallel each other as we vie for visibility and equity. The challenge is simple: Design and build technology sports solutions or products for female athletes, teams, and fans. This may include the use of data analytics to improve athlete performance in training and competition. Or it could be utilizing digital marketing or mobile development for fan experience. Or help engage young girls and women at an earlier age to participate so they can see themselves competing, coaching, managing, leading, owning, and so much more in their futures. Prize value: TBA

Workforce/Data Analysis - sponsored by Travelers

Data and statistics can provide important insight into the state, success, or well-being of a system or a company. Regularly looking into data can also ensure that a company is being inclusive, cost effective, or productive. Communicating data to the masses can be an important feat, as it informs many of the decisions companies make on the day to day, like who to hire for instance, and what initiatives to invest in. The challenge is simple: design and build solutions or products to help employers and employees focus on success in the workplace including but not limited to employee resource groups, measurement of group initiatives, employee well-being and happiness, and workplace diversity. Prize value: TBA

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